Jeremy West

Global Customer Success Manager, ACA.

My location

  • I’m based in Melbourne.

  • I will be in Perth, Sydney and Brisbane at various times this month.

If you would like to reach out for a meeting: with a few time options.

About Jeremy

I joined ACA Projects following a tenure at Deakin University where I successfully rolled out the ACA Engine solution for AV control as a part of the Next Generation AV Project (NGAV) which had a large focus on moving away from traditional AV Technologies and putting the focus on the IP Network - this migration included Video over IP and ASES67 Audio Distribution.

If you would like to know more about the NGAV Project at Deakin University, you can listen to my story on the Software Defined Survival Podcast (2018):

As product specialist, I sit in between the technical and sales teams designing solutions, providing technical demonstrations, gathering feedback on the product and designing process improvements. I also assist with supporting existing clients with their ACA Engine Deployments, planned upgrades or enhancements.

Pre/Post Meeting Info

Often I cover the same material in early meetings. To make our meetings more useful I thought I would share some of that up front. This can be good to refer back to post meeting as well.

  • ACAEngine in 60 seconds with 5min demo

  • The 30min general presentation

  • Additional links for product and project info

The quick overview

Links in video

Demo used in the video:

ACAEngine ‘Back Office’ overview and demo

Links in video

Back Office Overview:

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