Shane Boseley. General Manager.

My location

  • Iā€™m based in Brisbane.

  • I will be in Sydney from the 23rd - 24th May.

  • I will be in Singapore on the 29th - 31st May.

  • I will be in Melbourne on he 20th - 21st June

If you would like to reach out for a meeting email: with a few time options.

About Shane

I am a technology professional experienced in providing leadership and management within first clas, fast paced corporate environments. I am a keen advocate for technology and it's use in enhancing and simplifying user experiences, and passionate about Smart Building, Workplace tech, Renewable and Emerging Technoligies.

In my role as General Manager for ACA Projects I focus my time on;

  • Managing our company to run as efficiently and effectively as possible while we grow our team globally

  • Ensuring our clients are provided with a great experience, from the initial meeting with our team to successfully delivered solutions and outstanding ongoing support.

  • Creating strategic partnerships with the with the best in the business to constantly deliver quality solutions to our clients through our delivery and technology partners.

Pre/Post Meeting Info

Often I cover the same material in early meetings. To make our meetings more useful I thought I would share some of that up front. This can be good to refer back to post meeting as well.

  • ACAEngine in 60 seconds with 5min demo

  • The 30min general presentation

  • Additional links for product and project info

The quick overview

Links in video

Demo used in the video:

The General Presentation

(somewhat partner focused but still worth watching if you are the end-user)



Phone +61 429 446 792