Shane Boseley. General Manager.

My location

  • I’m based in Brisbane.

  • I will be in Sydney and Melbourne from time to time - get in contact for further info

If you would like to reach out for a meeting email: with a few time options.

About Shane

Shane is a technology professional experienced in providing leadership and management within first class and fast-paced, corporate environments.  

A keen advocate for technology and its use in enhancing and simplifying user experiences, Shane is passionate about Smart Building, Workplace Tech, IoT and Renewable Technologies.

Shane works with the wonderful team at ACAEngine developing, implementing and reviewing ACA’s strategy and operating plans to meet the company’s long-term goals and vision.

Shane oversees operations of the business day to day, establishes policies and drives key initiatives that promote company culture and vision,  on building and maintaining key strategic client and partner relationships.

The quick overview

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The General Presentation

(somewhat partner focused but still worth watching if you are the end-user)