ACAEngine is a smart building platform that connects to devices, building systems, corporate identity and 3rd party software via drivers. This powers user experiences in the tenancy (such as a workplace) as well as general building facility features. Some typical integrations include O365 for auth and scheduling, Cisco WiFi for people finding, Building access control, Lighting systems, air quality monitoring and meeting room/ collaboration technology.

With so many devices and systems connected to the one platform, ACAEngine is uniquely positioned to provide insightful data on the usage and trends of your building and tenancy.  A room booking system can only give you data about rooms. A desk sensor platform can only give you data about desks. You are lucky if you can even get data out of your building access control or WiFi system. ACAEngine connects to all of these (and more) so you can discover insights on all of your user experiences.


The scope of data and building analytics is so broad that the best way to provide flexibility is via an API. This allows you to plan and define the metrics most important to you and your building.  At the same time, you can use our dashboard templates for the basic and predictable analytics requirements such as:

Room utilisation

Room booking stats

Room capacity vs occupancy

Technology usage such as video conferencing hours and stats

Breakout space utilisation

Capacity vs utilisation

Desk / Seating utilisation

Without requiring desk sensors

Managed by Zones


The screenshots above are just examples based on some of our projects. As an API you can scope and build your own dashboard or connect it to a 3rd party platform such as IBM Watson to take advantage of AI features.

How ACAEngine with PLACE connects to user location services.

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