Place API

ACAEngine connects devices, hardware and software in the built environment. Place API analyses how these environments and users interact. It means buildings are no longer a static shell, but a place that can adapt to the needs of the people within.

Relevant For:


How it Works:


A simple dashboard concisely visualises the data from your built environment, and provides actionable insights to IT Teams, HR Leaders, the C Suite, and Building or Facilities Managers.


These are examples based on some of our completed projects. As with other ACA Products, we can customise the User Experience of Place API to align with your goals.

Make the most of ACA’s robust API features, and your data analysis tool of choice to create data workflows and insights that work with you to achieve your goals.

Connectors are currently available for Power BI & Splunk and other integrations are planned for future release.

How ACAEngine with Place API connects to user location services.

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