ACAPodcast - Landell Interviews Liam - Fast Facts

Earlier this year, Landell Archer (Regional Solutions Director, ACAEngine) interviewed Liam Timms (Fund Manager, International Towers in Barangaroo) for the ACA Podcast, and this was one of our most popular episodes to date.

If you didn’t catch the full episode (which you can listen to in full here), or you’re in a hurry, you’re in luck! We’ve put together our favourite fast facts from the episode, which you can listen to here:

How do you curate a community instead of creating ‘just a building’ where people come to work?

”I need to understand what you want to achieve before I give you a solution. I don't want to give you an out of the box thing. That's not what we do.”

Can you give us any advice for the people who might be doing this for the first time ? How do you go about making those decisions realise your vision and keep it going long term?

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