How does ACAEngine make buildings more sustainable?

When technology within a workplace is integrated with ACAEngine, the automation, connection and analytics features of the platform can be leveraged to ensure all technology in the building is operating as efficiently and effectively as possible.

This innovation allows our clients to achieve industry-leading sustainability practices and energy efficiency results.


Automated Power Controls for the Built Environment

This is where ACAEngine shines - once something is integrated, it can be controlled and automated.

For example, automatically start Video Conferencing equipment just before a meeting, or control lights in work spaces.

Manage Building Capacity

If you’re using ACAEngine’s people counting features, you can also use this to Manage Building Capacity. This means you can be sure of how many people are on a floor at a time, and act in accordance with evacuation protocols for your building or tenancy.

HVAC Systems

Operate Integrated HVAC Systems as efficiently and sustainably as possible by turning them on and off based on foot traffic in that room, calendar schedules and organisational protocols to save money and the planet.

Smart Lighting

After integrating lighting systems with ACAEngine, clients can enjoy the benefits of automated lighting that is responsive to employee location, calendar schedules and business rules to optimise employee experience and energy efficiency.

What does this look like in practice?


Once you have activated zone-based capacity management within your building using ACAEngine, you can clearly see which areas of your workplace are nearing capacity, but also which areas of the space are below the nominated levels.

This means that employees can choose to work in a space that suits their needs for a given task during their day, and allows the Building Management System to manage and analyse capacity and trends.

Additionally, HVAC and lighting systems can use data to inform their settings, so they can work as efficiently and effectively as possible to create a comfortable employee experience that is also focused on optimising energy efficiency for sustainability practices and certifications within the building and its tenants.

If you’d like to learn more about sustainability and smart buliding design, contact out team via email here