Change the Subject to Scenarios

This article first appeared on Linkedin Pulse

Imagine the perfect workplace for your organisation. What does it feel like to walk through the space? How are your employees choosing to work from the space? How are your employees interacting with each other within the space? Does it seem different to your current workplace?

You probably imagined your team happily concentrating, collaborating, and achieving great outcomes. Perhaps you imagined some indoor plants and colourful walls. But did you think at all about the specific technology hardware within the space? Did you wistfully imagine the specific touch screen monitor you almost bought for your meeting rooms? Did you visualise the specific video conferencing camera you just got a quote for? Probably not.

Individual bits and pieces of hardware aren’t what will make your new workplace or building seem perfect. It will seem special when your employees can use the space effectively for the tasks they’re working on. It comes down to your end users and how they’ll interact with the space and technology. 

Think about the scenarios that will bring life to your new workplace, and change the subject to scenarios.  

Maybe you’d like to have large presentations in your auditorium from time to time, but you want the experience for your team to be seamless. Instead of moving between booking systems, AV control systems, HVAC systems and location services, you can automate this process to focus on what is important - your team. 

As Landell mentioned in a recent podcast episode, ACAEngine can integrate with all of your building management systems to create a single unified solution that uses smart triggers to prioritise user experience. This means the air conditioning system can turn on half an hour before the presentation will begin, to cool the room down without using excess energy, the AV systems can be automated for the scheduled presentation time, including any video conferencing, and ACAEngine can even integrate with the building’s elevators to make sure that there aren’t too many people on a given floor at a time. 

ACA can integrate with everything and automate anything. This means we’re not limited by hardware, and we use software to create and develop solutions that put end users first. We have a very consultative sales process to make sure we’re aligned with the problems our clients are looking to solve, and we’re optimising technology for the scenarios they’ve decided on. The context that’s built from these scenarios is key to the holistic success of the platform. 

We care about this context because we care about the experience that end users will have when they interact with the technology and the space. 

A complete understanding of how your team’s work will allow us to create a solution for your organisation - not a patch product. 

The consultation process with our clients allows us to solve, and then extend the solution for the scenarios we’ve spoken about, and this means we can move beyond feature lists and tables, and move towards a holistic solution that can grow with them.

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