Mental Health and Wellness in the Workplace with Landell Archer

This month, the ACAEngine Team will be completing The Push-Up Challenge to support Headpsace, the national youth mental health organisation.

Landell Archer, ACAEngine’s Regional Solutions Director for Australia and New Zealand who also studied Exercise Physiology, joins the ACA Blog for a guest post this week:

At ACAEngine, we’re working with clients who are keen to revolutionise the way they work.

The motivation behind the change is often the recognition that in order to attract and retain top talent, you have to invest in their health, wellness and overall experience in the workplace. It’s not just about offering them a gym membership or a fruit basket. Companies are offering modern spaces that aim to optimise employee wellness with biophilic design, circadian lighting, automated control and customised user experience so that interacting with the spaces is seamless and free from frustration.

I started my career as an Exercise Physiologist in corporate health. I’m excited to see the trend towards supporting health and wellness and workplace and I’d love to see workplaces doing even more!

Research shows that regular exercise improves your mental state, even in the absence of any physical adaptations. With the rise in mental health issues in Australia, exercise is in the spotlight as the single most important strategy for the prevention and treatment of mental health issues. Still, most people in Australia are not getting their recommended minimal dose of daily exercise.

I’m imagining a world where technology lets you gain efficiencies in your work day- not so you can add more work but so that you can have carve out the time to exercise and invest in your own health and wellness.

If you’d like to learn more about using workplace technology to enhance employee wellness, feel free to contact me via LinkedIn or Email.