In line with our 'No More Black Boxes’ stance at ACA, we’re now offering a PoC (Proof of Concept) Box for experimentation, enablement and innovation.

As a software solution, we run on any hardware. We’re very ‘hardware agnostic’ - and this extends to all of our projects. Most of our clients host ACAEngine on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or On Prem. 

To make things easy for developers, and for people that want to set up their own PoC,  we have a hardware package that we can send out for you to roll out. This comes pre-installed with ACAEngine and our latest version, which is in beta release. 

If you’re interested in getting one of these PoC Boxes to set up your own Proof of Concept, subscribe to our email newsletter and click the banner at the bottom of the email. 

We’re happy to send the Proof of Concept Boxes out to people who have a good reason for using it. 

So if you have an interesting project you can use this with, get in touch via our e-news and we’ll just send one out to you.